3 Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling

3 Reasons You May Need a Dental Filling

Mar 01, 2022

Despite advances in dentistry, cavities remain one of the most-faced dental problems of children and adults in America. If not treated timely, tooth decay can cause immense damage to the pulp and jawbones.

With regular usage, the teeth tend to lose their natural shape, size, texture, and vitality. Apart from chewing the food and helping to speak distinctly, the teeth impart aesthetic value. A bad breath or yellow teeth can ruin your job opportunities or shut doors on the personal front. Cavities or trauma might leave the teeth impacted or chipped. A dental filling can restore a cracked or broken tooth.

What Is Dental Filling?

A dental filling is one of the most commonly performed dental procedures. A dental filling is part of restorative dentistry, performed by dentists in Holmdel to improve the teeth’s functionality, morphology, and integrity that might be lost due to external trauma or caries. Dental fillings can be used to prevent further damage to an impacted tooth or provide stability and shape to a chipped tooth.

Dental fillings are used to fill holes formed in the enamel due to caries but have not affected the pulp where the nerves and blood vessels are contained. Due to external trauma or accidents, the enamel might be chipped off. A dental filling can protect the dentine from exposure by covering the exposed teeth and preventing further decay. A dental filling can also restore a worn-out or eroded tooth.

Types Of Dental Filling

Modern dentistry has evolved dramatically to offer dental filling made from various materials from metal to plastic or composite resins. Dentists providing dental filling near you also ensure to maintain the aesthetic value by providing tooth-colored dental fillings to go unnoticed yet improve the functionality of the teeth.

Each of the materials used for dental filling can be suited better than the other, but your dentist would be the best person to guide you on selecting the type of dental implant. For instance, metal fillings are better-suited for molars than porcelain ones. Some common forms of dental fillings include:

Gold Fillings

Gold fillings are expensive and not very common due to their color that can be seen openly. Gold fillings are made from an alloy of gold and copper and are used for crowns or partial dentures. Gold dental fillings are durable and can last at least 15 years despite their poor aesthetic value. Gold flings are best-suited for the back teeth that withstand more pressure and tension due to bites and chewing.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

Silver amalgams are the most widely used dental fillings and are made from silver, mercury, and nickel alloy. Durable, safe, and long-lasting, the silver amalgam fillings are approved by World Health Organization and Dental Federation.

Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass-ionomers fillings are self-hardening dental filling materials made from ionomer and composite resin. They are tooth-colored. Glass ionomer flings find application in filling small cavities and are best-suited for filling children’s cavities as they can adapt to the developing teeth of children.

Porcelain Fillings

Ceramic dental fillings are most resistant to stains and can last up to 15 years. Although the porcelain fillings need some care and can break due to clenching and grinding of teeth, but are tooth-colored. You can go unnoticed with porcelain fillings.

3 Reasons Why Dental Filling Is Needed

Dental fillings have been around for a long time and are a wonderful health aid to restore the teeth and protect them from further damage. There are many reasons for using dental filling:

Stops Cavities from Growing

“A stitch in time can save nine”- fits perfectly with dental fillings. While you get a dental filling, the dentist cleans the area eliminating the chance for further infection. A filling can prevent further damage and stop cavities from growing.

Improves Teeth’s Structure

Composite fillings can help in teeth gap filling and improve the teeth’s structure. Instead of being hollow, the filling can give the teeth support and prevent further damage.

Improves Teeth Color

Composite or ceramic fillings have higher aesthetic value and can effectively conceal dental gaps without getting noticed. The discolored or stained teeth can be rejuvenated with dental fillings. You may schedule your visit at Dipika T. Shah, DDS, LLC, to avail free consultation and get a family-friendly dental office with over 35 years of experience.

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