6 Teeth Imperfections Invisalign® Can Fix

6 Teeth Imperfections Invisalign® Can Fix

Nov 01, 2020

Invisalign is one of the most popular treatments that fix common teeth imperfections. This treatment option can improve your smile and help regain your confidence. Most people have heard of this treatment option, but they don’t know much about it. When it comes to your dental health, information is important. The right information is what helps patients get the best out of any treatment option.

Here at Dipika T. Shah, DDS, LLC, we know how important the right information is to you. Read on to find which problems can be fixed by Invisalign. You will be able to confidently start your treatment once you finish reading this article. This treatment option has other benefits besides fixing your imperfect teeth. Visit our dentist and start your treatment if you have any of these problems.


This treatment option is effective in correcting overbites. An overbite occurs when your upper front teeth overlap the lower teeth. However, it is natural for this type of overlapping to occur. It is considered an overbite if the front teeth overlap more than it should. Overbites can cause a wide range of dental complications.

For instance, overbites can cause TMJ issues and tooth wear. Invisalign is the most effective treatment option for this problem. It works by gradually pushing the upper and lower teeth in a position to allow a safe overlap. If your overbite is severe, we can use braces instead of this treatment option.

2.Crowded Teeth

Crowded teeth can deny you a perfect smile. This is the best treatment option to fix this problem. By pushing every tooth into its right position, this treatment option will restore your smile. It will move teeth to the spaces between your teeth to avoid crowding. After several months you will be able to smile confidently again.


This treatment option can prevent your front lower teeth from biting inside the upper teeth. To treat this problem, the lower teeth should be slightly pushed backward. The upper teeth should be tilted forward. Invisalign will only treat mild underbites. Jaw surgery may be required in case of severe underbite.

4.Open Bites

An open bite refers to when your back teeth are closed, yet your front teeth do not touch. Habits like thumb sucking tongue thrusting can cause open bites. In most cases, open bites prove hard to correct since they involve the facial bones. Attachments are used to provide a base for the aligners. Over time, your teeth will gradually start biting correctly.


Invisalign will gradually close gaps between your teeth and improve your smile. Gaps can affect the way you eat by collecting food particles. This can encourage plaque buildup leading to issues like tooth decay. Gaps can also have an effect on your overall health by affecting how you eat. This treatment option is able to close these gaps and improve your oral health.


Crossbite refers to when the upper teeth bite in the lower teeth. This problem can lead to TMJ, among many other dental issues. Invisalign treats crossbite by moving the teeth in the right position. Treating Crossbites can take time. Once you follow what the dentist recommends, your crossbite will heal with time.

Why Invisalign® May Not Work for Everyone

This treatment option has its downsides. These are some of the reasons why not everyone can benefit from it.

An Expensive Option

This is an expensive treatment option when compared to its alternatives. Patients on a tight budget may not benefit from this treatment option. You will need to go for traditional braces if you don’t have much to spend. Traditional braces are cheaper than Invisalign and can also treat most of the issues we have mentioned.


You will have to remove them before eating. This can be an inconvenience if you are eating out with friends. You will also need to remove them after every meal to brush your teeth.

Another downside to this option is that you need to wear them for almost the whole day. Dentists recommend wearing Invisalign for at least 22 hours a day. This will inconvenience you when going out with friends.

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