Exploring the Pros of Porcelain Veneers and How They Work?

Exploring the Pros of Porcelain Veneers and How They Work?

Jan 01, 2023

The first thing that people notice is your smile. Therefore, if you have cracks or chips in your teeth, it becomes challenging for you to smile amongst your peers. The good news is that the dentist in Holmdel, NJ has multiple treatments for your cracked teeth. One of the treatments is dental veneers.

There are different types of veneers, and porcelain veneers can be effectively used to restore the color of your teeth and your healthy smile. This piece will help you understand what porcelain veneers are, their pros, and how they work. Keep on reading to find out more.

What Are Porcelain Veneers and The Procedure of Installation?

These types of veneers are thin shells that are made to fit well on your teeth.

When you find a dentist who fixes porcelain veneers near you, the dentist has to prepare the affected teeth to ensure the veneers fit well. Preparing your teeth entails roughening the tooth’s enamel and removing some parts to provide room for the porcelain veneer.

Next, an impression is made that looks like the affected tooth. At this stage, the dentist chooses the right shade of veneer that will match well with your natural teeth’s color.

The impression is then taken to the dental lab, so the custom-made veneer is made. The making of the porcelain veneer may take some days. Therefore, the dentist will inform you once the porcelain veneer is ready. You are given temporary veneers to wear before the porcelain veneers are made.

While fitting the custom-made porcelain veneers, the dentist will ensure that they match well with the shape of your teeth. Once the dentist is satisfied, your teeth are cleaned, and the veneers are bonded to your teeth.

The main aim of porcelain veneers is to change the shape, size, length, and color of your teeth. It is easy to take care of these veneers as they need the same amount of care as your natural teeth.

Now that you know how these veneers work, what are their benefits?

Benefits of Porcelain Veneers

Concedes Multiple Dental Problems

First is that they hide several dental problems. These veneers will suit you if you have gaps between teeth, cracks, malocclusions, and discolored teeth.

Procedure Takes Less Time

Moreover, the installation of porcelain veneers is less time-consuming. You can still go to work after getting these veneers fixed.

Durability is something else you will find in these veneers. Brushing twice and flossing at least once is essential in ensuring the durability of these dental appliances. In addition, you should schedule dental appointments with the dentist in Holmdel, NJ, so that they can check the condition of your veneers.

Feel and Look Natural

What’s more, is that these veneers look and feel natural. This is because they are custom-made to look and feel like your natural teeth. This means it is challenging for anyone to notice that you have them on unless you tell them. Because of this, it improves your confidence when smiling.

It’s A Less Invasive Procedure

When compared to other dental procedures, porcelain veneer installation is less invasive. During installation, only a tiny amount of enamel is removed to ensure the veneer bonds well. Dental procedures, like crowns and bridge installation, require more enamel removal to ensure that the dental appliance fits well.

Can Protect Your Teeth from Staining

After you get the veneers fixed, the dentist will provide you with tips to ensure their durability. Following the recommendations, the dentist offers means the veneers will protect your teeth against some dental issues. One of them being tooth discoloration.

Therefore, when you eat and drink, the veneers will come in contact with the food and not your teeth’s surfaces. Because of this, you can drink beverages like red wine and coffee or eat berries, but not frequently, as the veneers will cover your teeth.

Require Less Maintenance

Although porcelain veneers are stain-resistant, you should brush them as you brush your natural teeth. Moreover, flossing at least once a day is essential.

You should also schedule regular dental check-ups at Dipika T. Shah, DDS, LLC so that the dentist can maintain the color of your dental veneers.

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