Learn Why Dental Exams and X-Rays are Essential for Everyone

Learn Why Dental Exams and X-Rays are Essential for Everyone

Dec 01, 2021

When you have a problem with your teeth, you will need to visit your dentist. So how does your dentist know what is wrong with your oral health? Sure, they will do a preliminary check, but how can someone ensure you don’t need a root canal or aligners? This is where dental x-rays can be helpful.

What is a Dental Exam?

Dentists in 07733 constantly advise their patients to undergo regular dental exams. The majority of the dental clinics near me say the same thing: they consider these exams and x-rays a critical part of preventive dental health care.

The dentist will check your teeth, tongue, and gums during a dental exam to look for cavities and gum disease. You will also be evaluated for your risk of developing other oral problems in the future. Also, expect to have your face, neck, and mouth checked for abnormalities.

After the physical evaluation, the dentist will undoubtedly discuss the dental exam results and advise you regarding your oral hygiene habits. They will suggest other dental procedures that you might need based on

what they see. In addition, likely, you will also talk about your lifestyle and how it can affect your oral health. Last but not least, dental clinics near me usually include a small portion of the session to discuss proper flossing and brushing techniques.

What is a Dental X-Ray?

Dental x-rays are images of your teeth that dentists use to evaluate your oral health. Machines used to generate an oral x-ray use significantly less radiation than the standard x-ray machines we see in hospitals.

These radiographic films capture images of the interior of your teeth and gums. Dental X-rays are beneficial in looking for cavities, decay, and impacted teeth hiding under your gums.

The term dental x-ray may seem complicated, but they are pretty standard tools that dentists use as proactive means in maintaining their patients’ oral health.

Importance of Dental Exams and Dental X-Rays

As discussed earlier, dental exams are a critical part of preventive healthcare. This is where teeth and gum problems may be discovered and cared for before they become too severe. More importantly, these exams serve as an initial assessment for dentists and help them decide which dental procedure is the correct one for you to undergo.

Dental x-rays are the vanguard of any dental exam. They offer a clear picture of the status of your oral health. These x-ray films serve as conclusive evidence of any dental problems patients may have.

Why are Dental Exams and X-Rays essential?

Dental Exams and x-rays are essential since they serve as a dentist’s crystal ball to your oral health problems. They shed light on every issue that may be hiding underneath your gums and help the dentist choose the proper treatment and tools to fix your dental problem.

Do I Need to Get X-Rays Every Year?

Well, the short answer is no. If you are healthy and don’t have issues like tooth decay or gum problems, you don’t need frequent x-rays. However, you will need to have regular dental checkups. Checkups are the best way to ensure that oral problems don’t creep up.

Although considered just a small part of any dental procedure, the importance of dental exams and x-rays is immense. Let’s keep in mind that you can undertake no dental procedure without undergoing a dental exam first.

The dentist will also effectively monitor your oral health if they can refer back to your previous dental x-rays.

Having a regular dental exam and x-ray may also be considered an investment for your oral health, a preemptive measure against any oral issues that may arise. This allows you to remove any problems before they take root. It might just save you from a tooth removal treatment or a dental filling procedure in the future.

At Dipika Shah DDS, we believe in preventing oral issues with proper checks. Additionally, you can also opt for thorough teeth cleaning when you visit us. You should visit your dentist at least once every six months. Contact us today for a consultation, and we will ensure that your smile remains beautiful this holiday season.

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