Maintaining Your Veneers Made Straightforward

Maintaining Your Veneers Made Straightforward

Dec 01, 2020

Have you recently undergone veneer placement to enhance the appearance of your teeth? Porcelain veneers are made from high-quality dental grade porcelain and are just as thick as contact lenses. This cosmetic restoration is ideal for improvements in your teeth.

Porcelain veneers are routinely used to close gaps between your teeth, conceal stains, chips, and other imperfections. You may have gained from veneer treatment that would have given you a gorgeous smile and enhanced self-confidence. You invest in veneers because you want an enhanced smile. You have an excellent reason to ensure you maximize the results you derived from having them. If you wish to optimize the results, you merely have to care for your veneers appropriately to prolong their life. We provide some tips to help you enjoy the surfaces and a beautiful smile for up to 15 years.

How to Maintain Your Veneers?

Caring for Your Mouth

Excellent oral hygiene is essential because your brushing and flossing routine helps to prevent plaque buildup around the margins of these surfaces. You can consider using a Waterpik if flossing is not your favorite habit. The WaterPik enhances the convenience and efficiency of the task. Regular flossing protects the veneers by preventing the development of gingivitis that causes gums to recede away from the placements.

Don’t Use Your Mouth As an Opener

Instruments are available to open packages and are designated for a specific purpose. Using your teeth to open packages instead of tools developed for them harms your veneers to need frequent replacements. It would be helpful if you avoided such habits to safeguard your veneers appropriately.

Maintain Oral Care Using Proper Tools

Your veneers shouldn’t encourage you to begin using a hard-bristled toothbrush or abrasive toothpaste. Both can scratch the porcelain veneers to invite bacterial buildup. Enquiring with your dentist will get you a recommendation of an appropriate toothpaste for everyday use.

Mouthguards Prove Beneficial with Veneers

Discuss with your dentist about using a mouth guard if you are involved in sporting activities. Mouthguards protect your natural teeth and the veneers from impacts during sporting and recreational activities. The dental appliance is also beneficial if you are frequently clenching and grinding your teeth when you sleep.

Quit Smoking

The risk of contracting gum disease increases significantly if you are a smoker. Gum disease affects not just your gums and natural teeth but also causes gum recession from the veneers. Smoking is also detrimental around the edges of the veneers, where the dental cement is situated. It can cause discoloration of the dental cement to subject you to treatments from your dentist.

Regular Dental Visits

Regular dental visits, preferably every six months, are essential for your overall oral health besides the veneers. During routine checkups, your dentist will assess the integrity of the surfaces, and the cleanings complement the oral care routine you practice at home.

Porcelain veneers provide the essential cosmetic enhancement to bring out the best of your smile. Porcelain veneer placement causes you to spend a significant sum to enhance the appearance of your teeth and smile. You should make every attempt to safeguard your investment by caring for your teeth and the veneers appropriately to ensure you don’t need frequent replacements.

You will receive all the help you need for maintaining veneers in a simple manner if you discuss the matter with the cosmetic dentist placing them. The dentist will not hesitate to impart the education you need on how you can maintain your veneers. However, the dentist can only do so much and not more. It is your responsibility to care for your investment and make it provide adequate returns on the money you spent on the placements.

As can be seen from this article, veneer maintenance is not exactly a challenge, so long as you follow proper oral hygiene practices and see your dentist biannually for exams and cleanings. It will help if you followed the tips provided in this article to the word because the information is researched and proven credible for safeguarding the expensive porcelain surfaces on your teeth.

Following the tips suggested helps keep your veneers appearing healthy and beautiful for the duration they are expected to without searching for replacements or alternatives to conceal the defects with your teeth. We are confident you accept our view and follow the suggestions made for the maintenance of your dental placements.

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