Air Abrasion in Holmdel, NJ

Does the thought of dental drills terrify you to the point where dental appointments become unbearable? Have you kept away from dental visits because the endless whirring and buzzing of dental equipment makes you feel scared? If these questions strike a chord, then you’ll likely be pleased to hear of air abrasion—the technology that makes drill-less dental care possible.

Dr. Dipika T. Shah offers air abrasion to residents of Holmdel, NJ, and beyond. Book an appointment now if you’d like to enjoy this innovative technology that promises to make dental care accessible to everyone, including those with dental anxiety.

What Happens During Air Abrasion Procedure?

Instead of using a dental drill, Dr. Shah will use dental equipment that resembles a tiny sandblaster to remove any decay from your tooth. During the procedure, our dentist aims a steady stream of silica or aluminum oxide particles at the cavity. These particles, which are propelled by compressed air, remove decay from the affected tooth.

To ensure all traces of decay are removed, the dentist uses suction to remove all unsettled particles from the cavity. Suction also helps to ensure that the cavity debris doesn’t make it to your lungs.

Our dentist in Holmdel, NJ, will give you eyewear to protect your eyes during the procedure. The dentist may also apply the protective resin to ensure your healthy teeth don’t get accidentally blasted during the treatment.

Air abrasion is ideal for mild cavities and comes highly recommended for children and anybody suffering from dental anxiety. Besides decay, air abrasion is also ideal in the preparation of teeth for bonding or dental sealants. Our dentist also uses air abrasion in the removal of superficial tooth staining, and to remove old composite fillings or restorations.

Advantages of Air Abrasion

Air abrasion in dental procedures is advantageous in the following ways:

  • If the cavity is very shallow, air abrasion may allow you to forego anesthesia.
  • Air abrasion is gentle on the tooth, unlike drilling, which can cause your tooth to crack or weaken.
  • You don’t need to worry about heat, pressure, or vibration during an air abrasion procedure.
  • Air abrasion leaves a significant portion of the healthy tooth tissue behind.

Visit Dr. Shah in Holmdel, NJ, to experience the wonders of the cutting-edge dental revolution that is air abrasion.

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