Dental Crowns in Holmdel, NJ

Having bad oral hygiene habits and avoiding the dentist can have terrible consequences for your teeth. It can allow bacteria to form that causes tooth decay, which can result in painful cavities that weaken your teeth. They can then become fragile and break. Fortunately, it’s possible to restore damaged teeth with dental crowns.

Who Should Get Crowns?

When it comes to a damaged tooth, getting a crown is just one option for repairing and saving it. One of our experienced dentists at Dipika T Shah, DDS, LLC can lay out your options, recommend one to you, and answer any of your questions. The dentist you trust will be the one doing the work on your tooth and attaching the crown, so you know you will be receiving the best service in Holmdel.

What Type of Crown Works Best?

The type of crown that you get will depend on which tooth has damage. If it’s a back molar, then your dentist may recommend a metal crown due to its durability or a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown if you want one that’s natural-looking. For a tooth closer to the front of the mouth, your dentist may recommend zirconia or ceramic crowns to blend in with your natural teeth.

How to Care for Crowns

Dental crowns can last for up to 25 years or more if they are cared for properly. To get the most out of your crown, maintain proper oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day, and flossing once a day. When you brush, pay close attention to the area where the crown meets the gumline because food debris, acids, and plaque can get stuck or form there.

Our dentists at Dipika T Shah, DDS, LLC in Holmdel will closely examine this area to ensure plaque, tartar, nor bacteria are developing. Also, watch the types of foods that you consume when you have a crown. It is best to avoid:

  • Chewing on ice
  • Eating hard or sticky candies
  • Eating hard foods like raw carrots
  • Chewing gum

Also, if you grind your teeth, wear a nightguard to prevent your crown from wearing down, which can cause it to break. With proper care, your crown can keep your tooth functional and beautiful for many years.

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