Oral Cancer Screenings in Holmdel, NJ

Heavy drinking, excessive exposure to sunlight, and positive history for oral cancer are other prominent risk factors. Controlling or eliminating these factors will lower a person’s risk of getting oral cancer and make it similar to that of the general population.

During an oral cancer screening, we look for ulcers, lumps, and red or white patches. We need to look in places that are easily visualized as well as those that are hidden under the tongue or the roof of the mouth. A proper source of light is needed. We might insinuate a finger under your tongue to feel for irregularities, but that should only take a few seconds.

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If nothing is found, then you’re free to go. These screenings are commonly done during checkups, and most patients are free. We might also notice abnormalities that seem benign, in which case we’ll ask you to come back in a few weeks to see what happens.

Abnormalities that look like cancer or don’t go away in a few weeks will need more tests. To diagnose cancer, we’ll have to take a sample of tissue from the lesion and send it to a lab. Before the lab sends us the results saying that it’s cancer, a diagnosis can’t be made, so there’s no reason to panic.

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