Orthodontics in Holmdel, NJ

Crooked teeth have functional issues, too. It might be harder to speak and chew on the long run with improperly aligned teeth. These teeth are also more vulnerable to trauma and infections.

Methods of Treatment

Straightening teeth isn’t easy because their direction and shape are also affected by their attachment to jawbones. We need to put them in their proper positions and hold them that way long enough for changes to occur in the jawbones. At our disposal are fixed and removable appliances.

Fixed appliances are ones that are put in then left in place. They’re not removable and can’t be taken off until after the required duration of treatment. The most popular ones are braces that come in different varieties and variations of wires, bands, and brackets. Other examples of fixed appliances include fixed-space maintainers and special fixed appliances.

Removable appliances are more convenient and preferred by many of our clients. They can be taken off while you eat or drink and brush your teeth then put back on. Additionally, you can rinse them with water and softly brush them while they’re off.

Aligners are the most commonly used removable appliances. We also have headgear, retainers, and lip and cheek bumpers.

Orthodontics can be an intimidating branch of dentistry, but its benefits are numerous and not just restricted to appearances.

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