I never write reviews, but I am taking the time to write a review based on my recent experiences with Dipika Shah because I want others to be aware of this. My last dentist visit was back in 2009. I had a cleaning and had one filling filled. I am not a fan of the dentist. Matter of fact, I am very nervous and scared of dentist visits. Anyway I bit the bullet and decided to make an apt today April 19th. I just want to write and share my experience. Never in my Life have I ever been to any doctor where he/she has put you first before the money. I am on a super tight budget and when they told me I have not had an X-Ray in over 6 years and that I should have it done. I told them I do not have the money. Anyway long story short. She worked with my and provided me with a coupon. I was shocked! Not only that.. But here is what makes her different than any dentist out there. When A dentist sees the first sign of a cavity.. They right away want to drill! They never tell you that if you maintain the tooth that 100% your cavity will not grow and you can avoid drilling and costly dental fees. Dipika filled me in on this and told me if I take care of my teeth, there is no need to start drilling. Back 6 years ago.. My Tooth is still the same. So I saved $$ by not drilling. And Also saved a lot of Pain! Now the cleaning part… Dipika does them herself. She takes time and really gives you the best and most thorough cleaning job you will ever have. The reasons why I will comes back and never go anywhere else, is because she really has a passion for her work. She is not out for the money. She is out to help you and make sure you stay healthy. This is the number 1 priority for her.. Now a day this is almost impossible to find. I am so lucky to have found her. And will never go anywhere else. I tell everyone I know about her. And hope you decide to give her a try. You will not be sorry. Like I said. She is not out to scam or trick you into doing work that does not need to be done. Most doctors in my eyes are like Mechanics. They know you are there for a reason, because you do not know nor can you fix the car on your own. So they tell you things that don’t need to be done.. They charge you for brakes and rotors when your brakes are perfect. Dipika will take the time and explain to you everything. She doesn’t rush. Give her a try and you will see for yourself. In no way shape or form do i represent her in anyway. I am just still in shock about my experience today. And had to share it with others. Thank You

Marc Stall

As most of us I was scared to go to a dentist so I put off my cavity until it started hurting me in my 8th month of pregnancy so bad then I called Dr.shah’s office as a new patient and the office was so cooperative and Dr.shah still saw me the same day as I was in pain. That experience showed me she really cares for her patients and has compassion . Dr. Shah is very calm and is passionate about her work. The office staff is also very friendly and pleasant.


Recently, I was in the position of having to find a dentist to treat a developing problem for which I delayed treatment for far too long, and was having a bit of difficulty knowing who to trust. It was, therefore, a huge relief when I eventually discovered Dr. Dipika Shah through excellent reviews found at another dental review site. What I found represented in reviews there is exactly what I found in her office, both with regard to her straight forward business practices and in her real focus on the science and craft of dentistry. Throughout my course of treatment, Dr. Shah gave me good advice specific to my situation with regard to both function and aesthetics, helped me understand what would happen at each stage of my treatment, and had her office manager provide me with spot-on accurate cost estimates so I could make the best decisions for me. Of particular concern to me was replacing a dental bridge that I had for over 20 years on my top front teeth-the most visible part of your mouth. Needless to say, when you have a crown or bridge for that many years your teeth do decay underneath them regardless of how good the original work may have been. I did not really have the money for dental implants, so I very much hoped this bridge could be replaced. Dr. Shah advised me that she would do so if she could do a durable restoration. Fortunately, upon examination she determined that she could replace the bridge by building the anchor teeth up with a post and core build up. I was pleasantly surprised at how much attention Dr. Shah and her dental assistant also paid to the cosmetic aspects of replacing this bridge, very carefully choosing a shade and even taking pictures of my mouth to send to the lab so that they could fashion a bridge that would match the surrounding teeth and look natural in my mouth. The end result is very natural and aesthetically beautiful– even my own front teeth never looked this good-and yet it blends very well with the rest of my natural teeth. As mentioned above, due to my own delay in seeking treatment, I had to have Dr. Shah extract a cracked tooth and place another bridge on the side of my mouth. She informed me that had I sought treatment earlier she could have saved that tooth with a post and core build up and a crown. I really wish I had done this, but Dr. Shah advised me that we could get improved functionality due to the stress that chewing and nighttime teeth grinding might place on these functionally important teeth by using a maximally durable but aesthetically natural looking material for this bridge. While leaving the final treatment decision up to me, Dr. Shah also advised me of the functional and cosmetic advantages of doing a very simple bone preservation graft along with the tooth extraction to prevent the loss of bone that always results from a pulled tooth. Having seen this condition develop with my first bridge many years ago, I decided to do the bone graft on this new one. That was a several months ago and the results have been excellent. Needless to say it is not fun to require this much dental work so if you find yourself in the position I was in, the best advice I can offer is don t delay. Seek help from an experienced and reputable dentist in coming up with a treatment plan that works for you. The sliver lining in all this for me is that my teeth have never looked better. It is truly amazing what a good general dentist like Dr. Shah can do aesthetically if they pay attention to the cosmetic aspects of traditional restorative dentistry. Let me add that no one in Dr. Shah s office ever made me feel bad about the state of my teeth or peppered me with overly personal questions about why I delayed treatment. From my first call to the office and throughout the course of treatment everyone was always helpful, efficient, and professional which very much set my earlier fears to rest.
I give Dr. Shah and her office my highest recommendation.
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Dr. Shah is highly skilled and accomplished, as well as compassionate and devoted to her patients. She was my first dentist as a child and I have continued seeing her into adulthood, oftening driving to NJ from out of state to see her. She has won many awards for her care and from the certificates on her wall it is clear she is a respected leader in her profession. I give her my highest recommendation.

A Google User

Dr. Shah and I went through the entire orthodontic process, including a palette expander and braces, for about three years. The results with the braces was exceptional, but there was one problem with my teeth since the day I was born– two missing front incisors. I was struggling with this issue after braces, for I had gotten a removable retainer with the teeth attached to it, but that never truly did it for me. One day after the last of my problems with that retainer were fixed, Dr. Shah decided to put in bonded teeth. The results were phenomenal! She did it all by hand, and I was so surprised to see the results look so similar to real teeth. I have never (knock on wood) had any problems since, and my teeth look so amazing. I am not afraid to smile anymore! Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Dr. Shah, for it truly paid off.

A Google User

If you are looking for an HONEST, professional, knowledgeable, caring dentist DR DIPIKA SHAH is the one. I have been to many different dentists over the past five years and all were non caring and obviously in dentistry for the money. Dr Shah you can trust! Dr Shah makes you feel comfortable, safe and is up front with what your financial responsibility is before she does the work so there are no surprise charges! She does not make you have unessesary work done and truly cares for your mouth to be in perfect health. She will also listen to you about what you would like done and she will help you work at that goal. Thank you Dr Dipika Shah -all dentists SHOULD BE LIKE YOU!

by Guest44531

Dr. Shah and staff are very professional, go to educational classes (more certificates than her wall space!) to stay abreast with modern dentistry, explains everything well, cares and does dental work only what you need and can afford, works with fears, shows respect to patients in every sense, lets you know the cost of work before starting so no surpirises, accomodates needs (special kids play room and staff, willing to help even with your kids so moms can get dental work done without paying for baby sitter), takes time to explain how to care for your teeth and health, stays in touch with her newsletter, which is full of educational information. Her dental work is excellent. She provides all dental work without sending you out to strange specialist from difficult root canal and implants to cosmetic dentsistry and simple fillings! I have been going to her for many years and I highly recommend her as a dentist. Thank you Dr. Shah for being such a great family dentist.

by Guest92487

Do you care about your mouth? If you do, go to Dr. Shah. There is no one I would trust more with my teeth than her. Professional, cutting edge, best in the business are descriptors that can only scratch the surface. If you live within 100 miles of the Holmdel office call and make an appointment, otherwise I can guarantee you, you are settling for less than best.
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Adam P.

I have been a patient of Dr. Shah’s for ~12 years, and even after moving to Ocean County I continue to work with her rather than finding a dentist closer to my home. Dr. Shah is unparalleled – she has helped my problems with TMJ, and is very attuned to patients concerns and fears. I would recommend her to everyone.I also find her schedule more flexible than many other doctors or dentists.
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Lynn H.

Excellent dentist. I was there recently for my wisdom tooth extraction and I was impressed by the attention to details in a clean and comfortable environment. I had a follow up visit to fill my cavities and that visit was also painless. I highly recommend Dr. Dipika Shah in Holmdel, NJ.
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Munish M.

Dr. Shah provides her clients with care and always stays on top the dental work each client needs. She has a great team assisting her as well. They are very professional but give you that comfortable home feeling when you step into the office. I highly recommend using Dr.Shah for any or all of your dental needs.
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Marissa G.

Dr. Shah is an excellent dentist. She is very professional and has excellent interpersonal skills. She takes a personal interest in ensuring you understand what is required to maintain healthy teeth and gums. She encourages you ask questions and to contact her if you have follow up questions.
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Dr. Dipika Shah and her Staff are simply the BEST!
Dr. Shah sets the tone for the office with her down-to-earth and practical advice as well as her up the minute skills and techniques. Her competence and knowledge inspire confidence and calm…wonderful gifts to have when dealing with patients like…well, me!
Her staff is equally professional and skilled in their respective fields and very supportive of the patients.
I always feel well-cared for and confident that my dental needs…from practical to the specialized…have been attented to by one of the best.
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Nancy G.

So glad to have found such a great doctor. Moved my all family to her practice and I am referring friends. She is simply the best. Keeps the patient informed every step of the way. Never a wait, but make sure you don’t cancel or no show for an appointment because she has that time only for you. The trick to a successful doctor’s office is the front desk person and Paula at Dr Shah’s is amazing. She knows what I am paying before I even sit down. Thank you guys, when I come to you is like going to a relaxing SPA.
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My family and I have been patients of Dr. Dipika Shah for years and we think very highly of her. Not only is she a wonderful dentist but she and her staff have always graciously accommodated us during emergencies or when our schedules have been tight. My first visit to her was on an emergency basis and her treatment saved me from hospitalization. My children, who are young adults now, had their first dental visits with Dr. Shah. She always made them feel comfortable and took the time to instruct them well about the care of their teeth. Neither of them has ever had a cavity, nor have they ever been afraid to seek dental care. And, by the way, she is a really nice lady! Thanks, Dr. Shah!:D
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