What Are The Causes and Cures for Bad Breath? 

What Are The Causes and Cures for Bad Breath? 

Sep 01, 2020

When you think about oral problems, how often do you consider bad breath as one of them? Frankly, few people acknowledge bad breath as a dental problem that requires attention from a dental expert. If anything, many focus on severe toothaches and bleeding gums. However, there is more to oral health than the fate of your teeth.

Some people struggle with bad breath, so much so that general treatment may not cut it for them. Any attempts to get rid of the bad breath can sometimes prove futile. When this happens to you, consider the underlying causes of the bad breath, so you can get proper treatment.

What Is Bad Breath?

It is a dental condition where patients have an odor from their mouths. At face value, it is hard to determine the cause of the bad breath, given as there are numerous causes.

Bad breath is a common dental problem, happening to most people at a time in life. What makes a difference in the kind of bad breath you have is how severe the odor is, and how long it lasts.

What Causes Bad Breath?

If you still dread the smell of your mouth even after brushing your teeth, then you need to dig deeper to find the underlying cause of the problem. Some of the common causes linked to bad mouth breath include:

  • Gum disease – it is by far the most logical explanation for persistent bad breath. Usually, gum disease attacks the gum and bone tissues of your mouth. When there is an active infection, the irritation of the gums will be experienced along with the bad breath.
  • Poor oral hygiene – as one of the main causes of gum disease, it is not hard to imagine how poor oral hygiene can cause bad breath. Usually, brushing your teeth once after a long time does not cut it. It allows plaque to build-up on your teeth. The plaque features a combination of stale food residues, bacteria, saliva, and acids, all of which are recipes for bad breath.
  • Foods you eat – what you eat makes a big part of your body’s health, and needless to say, that if your mouth. Some foods have strong odors which can cause you to have bad breath for a couple of days until they are washed off your system. Such include garlic and onions.
  • Tobacco usage – people who chew or smoke tobacco are likely to have bad breath. Not only are they likely to suffer gum disease that further adds to reasons for bad breath, but also the smell of the tobacco can affect them. Tobacco products often come with a strong and distinct oral odor that can leave your mouth smelling like so for days.
  • Tonsil stones – although not always visible as other parts of the mouth, tonsils too are a component of oral health. If you have an infection in your tonsils, one of the symptoms is usually bad breath. Tonsils stones happen when food debris gets caught up on your tonsils, forming bacteria that then cause infection.

Curing Bad Breath

Like any other dental problem, bad breath is an oral issue that requires specialized treatment. Depending on what the underlying cause is, treatment alternatives vary. Some include:

  • Brushing and flossing your teeth – if you are one to slack on your oral hygiene, start by brushing your teeth twice, and flossing daily. With time, these efforts will get rid go all the plaque in your teeth.
  • Professional deep cleans – these sessions allow your dentist to thoroughly clean your teeth, getting rid of any stubborn plaque and tartar in between them. The deep cleans alps involve scaling and root planing, which is great for removing the tartar.
  • Treating any underlying oral problems – issues like tonsil stones or gum disease requires professional treatment. Have your doctor prescribe treatment for them. This way, you tackle the underlying problem as well as the bad breath that comes with it.
  • Avoid some foods – especially when you prepare to be in a room full of people. While it is impossible to avoid some foods like onions, you can cut back on them when you have to be in social gatherings.
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