Root Canals in Holmdel, NJ

Suffering from an infected tooth? Ask your dentist about root canal treatment options.

Root canal treatments are commonly used to save or repair teeth that become infected or severely decayed. During a root canal procedure, the dental nerve and pulp are removed, and the tooth is then cleaned and sealed to protect it from further damage.

If you fail to get a root canal done or keep putting it off, the surrounding tissue may get infected, and abscesses may form. Timely root canal treatment can prevent pain and infection in the root of the tooth.

Most patients assume that root canal procedures are painful, and they’re fearful of getting it done. However, as our patients will tell you, root canal treatments are associated with minimal discomfort. In fact, with modern state-of-the-art technology and sedation, root canal treatments are almost the same as getting a simple filling done.

Dipika T Shah, DDS, LLC. has an expert dental team that will evaluate your tooth and suggests if you’re an ideal candidate for a root canal. Feel free to ask questions about the procedure, the number of visits, and costs.

Signs You May Need a Root Canal

These signs may indicate that you may require root canal treatment:

  • Severe pain while eating, biting or chewing
  • Heightened sensitivity to hot and cold foods even when the stimulus is removed; you may wince when you bite into something hot or cold
  • Tenderness or swelling in the gum tissue
  • Darkening or unexplained discoloration of the tooth

Further Information About Root Canal Treatments

A root canal can be performed either by an orthodontist or a general dentist depending on the nature and complexity of the problem. We will first evaluate your tooth and may suggest referring you to our endodontist if required.

Root canal treatments are usually completed in one or more visits. Our dental staff will first take a dental x-ray to determine the shape of the root canal and to see if there any signs of infection in the neighboring tissue or bone.

Contact Dipika T Shah, DDS, LLC. in Holmdel, NJ today to make an appointment at your preferred convenience.

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