What You Must Know About Dental Filling Before Getting Them

What You Must Know About Dental Filling Before Getting Them

May 01, 2020

You may have heard about dental filling or may have met someone with a filling.  It is a common procedure that most people with tooth issues get to have. However, it is not as simple as it may sound. It is not just about having your tooth filled with some materials to gain some functionalities. If you are looking to get dental filling. Here are some aspects of the procedure that you may need to know.

What is a dental filling?

Dental filling is a procedure that is used to correct a tooth or teeth that have suffered decay.  Dental filling has the ability to restore teeth or tooth that have suffered extensive damage to their previous functional and physical state by filling the particular area. The procedure involves first removal of the affected areas by the decay, the area is then cleaned thoroughly before a filling is applied to cover and restore the shape of the teeth.

In addition to restoring function and shape, through its action in closing off spaces that may allow bacteria to access, the filling prevents further decay of the teeth.  It is thus preventive for people with gaps in their teeth and corrective for people who have already suffered decay.  The filling can be made of different materials defining the various types of dental filling.

Types of dental filling

There are different types of dental filling. The types are informed of the material that is used to fill the gaps.  The best type of filling for you will be determined by the dentist based on the extent of the damage, any allergies that you may have and the location in the mouth that requires the fill. However, gold filling is considered the best option but it also comes at a higher price. Here are the types of filing that you may consider.

Gold fillings

As the name suggest, the filling material is gold.  The process involves ordering the gold from the laboratory that matches the gap in your tooth before the filling is applied. Gold is inert and last longs, making it an ideal material for use in places such as teeth. The gum tissue also tolerates gold inlays and they may last up to 20 years without any problems.

Silver filling

Silver or amalgam is another option for dental fillings because they are resistant to the effects of wear but also come at a much better price compared to gold. However, having them installed in your teeth leaves a noticeable view of them because of their dark color. They may be misconstrued as some form of decay.

Composite filing

Composite fillings are plastic mostly resin. Because they are plastic, they can be matched with the color of your teeth such that they are not visible. The application of this filling involves mixing the ingredients and having them applied on the cavity in the teeth where they are hardened. However, these filing chip making them unsuitable for large fillings. They also wear overtime thus they are not a better solution for cavities that are extensive. You should watch out on them because they get stain from coffee or tea, you may lose the good color that they usually come in with time. If they serve you for 10 years, they will have had a long run and probably need an immediate replacement.

Porcelain fillings

Porcelain has also been a good material for dental work. The porcelain fillings are called inlays or on lays. For you to have them they must be developed specially from the laboratory for you.  After customized on lays or inlays are made for you, they are cemented on the spot with the cavities. They are a better match to your teeth compared to the other fillings and they have the ability to cover most of the tooth. However, you will have to pay as much as the gold fillings for these qualities.

Cavity fillings are not just important but necessary. They are preventive as much as they are curative. In addition, not having cavity fillings will only make the situation worse. Ensure that you get what works for you from the many options that the market offer because you may have them for a long time.

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