Travelling With a Dental Emergency? What Should You Do?

Travelling With a Dental Emergency? What Should You Do?

Jul 01, 2023

Traveling is supposed to be exciting as you move around the country, city, or globe looking for new opportunities, experiences, or connecting with a loved one. Unfortunately, a dental emergency may occur on the way ruining your experience. What do you do when that happens? Should you immediately turn back mid-travel and cancel your entire trip or look for a walk-in dentist near you for treatment? This article will tell you what to do when you find yourself in a similar situation.

What to Do After Suffering From a Dental Emergency When Traveling?

You can never be prepared enough when it comes to dental emergencies. A dental emergency is not always caused by bad oral hygiene. Your tooth can get injured when engaging in fun activities like sports, hikes, or driving. Below are a few common dental emergencies that may occur during your travel:


Depending on the mode of transport you are using, a toothache may not necessarily be a cause of concern. For example, people traveling by air may experience toothaches due to an imbalance in air pressure. During a flight, air can enter your tooth through a crack, cavity, or space in your filling, which expands due to pressure changes in the atmosphere. This is quite common and should go away shortly after you land at your destination. Take a painkiller to help with the pain as you wait for the plane to land. If you’ve landed and the toothache is still there, brush your teeth or use mouth floss to remove any debris between your teeth. However, if that doesn’t work, seek emergency dental care near you. If traveling via road, find an emergency dentist in Holmdel, NJ, to diagnose and treat your dental problem.

Cracked Tooth

A cracked or damaged tooth may not seem like a dental emergency, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. A cracked or chipped tooth can manifest as a bigger problem, especially when used for chewing. This can lead to severe dental pain and increase the chances of tooth loss. An emergency dentist in Holmdel, NJ, can treat your damaged tooth, saving you from dental pain and future tooth loss.

Tooth loss

An accident can occur during a trip and, depending on the extent of damage, result in tooth loss. When that happens, there are a few steps you should undertake to prolong the life of your natural tooth so it can be restored by a dentist in Holmdel, NJ:

If the tooth fell, pick it up carefully by holding it by its crown

Rinse the tooth if dirty, but avoid touching its tissue when doing so

If the tooth is dislodged but still attached to part of your gum tissue, hold it in its socket as you make your way to a walk-in dentist near you.

If the tooth is completely dislodged from its socket, place it in a cup of milk to preserve it as you seek emergency dental care from a dental clinic near you.

You mustn’t wait too long before seeking emergency dental care. Chances of saving a dislodged tooth decrease dramatically after 30 minutes pass without treatment.

Finding a Dentist During Your Trip

There’s always a dentist nearby, regardless of where you are travelling to, so don’t prolong treatment. If you have travel insurance, call your provider to inquire about an emergency dentist nearby who’ll accept your insurance coverage. You can also find information on nearby dental clinics online if you have a smartphone and internet access.

Tips to Prepare Yourself When Travelling

Not all dental emergencies are preventable, but most are. So before travelling, follow the following tips to reduce the chances of suffering from a dental emergency during your travel:

Go for a Checkup

Have you ever suffered from cavities or gum disease? Visit your dentist for a dental checkup and cleaning before travelling. Your dentist can inspect your teeth for signs of dental problems and your fillings for damage. If there’s a problem, they’ll treat it, thus reducing the chances of developing a dental emergency during your trip.

Be Well Prepared

Good dental hygiene is essential for optimum oral health. Carry necessary tooth-cleaning tools to keep your teeth and gums healthy during your trip.

Get Dental Insurance

Many dental insurance policies only cover treatment for dental problems that occur within the country. If you plan to travel overseas, you may need to get additional cover to serve you temporarily until you return to the country.


Dental emergencies can occur at any time, even while travelling. However, that shouldn’t worry you; with prior planning, you can prevent future dental emergencies or know how to respond when they occur during your travel. Visit Dipika T. Shah, DDS, LLC, before your trip for a dental checkup and cleaning.

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